There are many chat programs, but almost all of them have the same disadvantages:

  • not open source, possible have many hidden bugs/leaks

  • you can not run own chat server and use it for own aims, you should use central server which you can not control, it is bad:

    • it may not working properly or restrict connections by country due to sanctions, for example HipChat is blocking Crimean users
    • your private messages/accounts could fall into the wrong hands, because you can’t control how the central server is safe

In some cases, if your work is depent on chat systems and you need to have it working without unexpected outage, these desadvantages unacceptable for you. Makechat provide you simple chat system, which you might fully control. You might create public/private chat rooms, write your own notifier/bot etc, easy move/run your chat server to anywhere, where Docker works.